17th Dubai International Holy Quran Award 2013

Cultural Celebration General Public

Holy Quran memorisation contests and lectures to celebrate Ramadan.

17th Dubai International Holy Quran Award 2013
Date :
Wednesday, 10th July - Thursday, 08th August 2013
Duration :
30 days
Audience :
Family, General Public
Category :
Cultural Celebration, General Public
Venue :
Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Admission :
Free Admission
Telephone :
+ 971 4 261 0666

This event features Holy Quran memorisation contests as well as lectures on Islam at various locations across the Emirate aimed at confirming and celebrating Islamic values. Many world-renowned Islamic scholars have been invited to enliven this spiritual month. The events of the festival are held from the first until the 20th of Ramadan each year.

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